Vibes Anniversary

25 March 2024

Hard to imagine, but it's already been almost a year since the release of 'Good Vibes Only'!

To celebrate, I'll be re-releasing the complete Vibes Era in a single album: 'Good Vibes Forever'. It'll feature a completely new tracklist that will include all releases from the album, as well as both EP's that followed. Additionally, there will be re-edits of two tracks and a brand new single called 'Forever'!

Starting on the 29th of March, one track will be uploaded each day on the Cinque Exposed YouTube channel, in order of the 'Good Vibes Forever' tracklist. The final upload, on the 18th of April, will be the new single. The complete album will then be released on all streaming services on the 19th of April.

Additionally, merch from the Vibes Era is available again in the store.

Good Vibes are back! Forever. See you Friday!