Double release day

2 February 2024

The new single, Further (Than Pier 39), is out now on all streaming services!

This new track kicks off the new Era: The Roadtrip, but more on that will be coming later this year. Hang in there, it's going to be great! To get into the mood of the Roadtrip Era, there have been some minor site updates as well. More soon!

Besides this new single, there's also another release happening: A remix of Blue Sky, Don't Let Me Go from Your Countdown. The remix is also available on all streaming services (or simply go to the release page here). Very excited about this release as well, been an honor to have a go at a song that I've enjoyed for so many years now, so thanks to Your Countdown for the opportunity!

Make sure to listen to both releases today! And see you soon for a roadtrip ...