Cinque Exposed

Who is Cinque Exposed?

Cinque Exposed is a Belgian producer. Aiming to fire it up since early 2022, Cinque Exposed uses FL Studio 20, Traktor Pro 3 and Ampify Studio to create his vibes. Since he plays the drums from 11 years old, most of his track feature heavy additions of rhytmic drum elements, which were recorded by himself on an electric drumkit.

The first EP was released in February 2022. Since then, several singles and an album have been released. Releases are split into "eras" that differ in musical style and sound. The First Date Era lasted from February until April 2022. The Shadow Ban Future Era was from June until December 2022.

Currently, we're in the Vibes Era, that started in February 2023. It's a more playful and fun sound than previous. Good times ahead!

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