The Roadtrip: Out now

7 June 2024

The new album, 'The Roadtrip', is out now!

I checked and the first demo of this album was made on 16 March 2023, which was for the track 'Memories' that closes out the journey. Working for over a year on 11 songs has been an adventure, haven't been this focussed on a release before, and I am very proud of the result.

As mentioned in the booklet from the CD (thank you pre-order people!), I'd like to thank Liv, Emily, Olivia, Jiri, Cedric, Michiel and my brother Sebastien. Special thanks to Rowan Rajczyk and all my fans that listen to Cinque Exposed.

'The Roadtrip' is available on all platforms to stream, you can purchase it on Bandcamp and you can download it for free, too. Go give it a listen. Enjoy.

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