Soundcloud Update

9 January 2024

Changes incoming for Soundcloud!

Hard to imagine but we're already at our limit of the Soundcloud upload for free accounts. As Cinque Exposed is an independent project with no label, we've decided to not invest in a payed account, at this time. This means we have changed around how we are using Soundcloud.

Every Era of Cinque Exposed has received its own Soundcloud profile. This way, new songs continue to be uploaded on the platform. All previous releases have been moved to their own new Era accounts. To make it easier: The main Soundcloud profile will always repost the new songs, so you don't have to follow any new profiles if you don't want to. New tracks will always continue to be in your feed.

If you want to follow the specific Era's, here's an overview:
First Date Era -
Shadow Ban Future Era -
Vibes Era -
Dream Machine Era -

Again: There's no need to follow these to stay up to date on all things Cinque Exposed on Soundcloud. You can just go to the main account at and all releases will be collected on there.