Second entry

12 January 2022

A second blog, how about that.

I've been busy with producing the first Cinque Exposed single, though I must admit it's not going that easily. There are about four or five different demo's now but the problem is I'm not quite feeling it yet. Styles vary a bit, tone as well, but nothing has been clicking yet.

Thought I was getting somewhere with one demo. Worked hours and hours on it, decided to give it a rest and listen to it a couple of days later and just, no, it's not working.

Still working every single day on that first release. The goal is still to get something out in the near future but obviously: It has to feel right and ready for release. Priority is a good sound, a good vibe. Not a deadline. So we'll see!

Keep you posted!
Love, CE.

Seriously, turn off your screen now.